Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons

Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons As a generation Xer, there used to be a time when as an elementary school girl, I walked 10 miles from home to school, in the busy streets of a major city, walked back home, stopped by on the way home, bought a snack from my favorite snack shop with Read More

Huricane Irma And Our Psychological Wellbeing

We all know that negative thoughts directly impact our happiness.  But did you know that negative thoughts are actually literally poisonous to our psychological and emotional health? Case in Point  Let’s imagine you are sitting in your family room after having watched the news on TV regarding the much anticipated hurricane Irma. You are by Read More

Expert Services

Ready to make serious progress? Get started today! Evaluations and Psychological Testing Truthfullness, Character Evaluation and Competency Evaluation Often times, as human beings, individuals may make decisions that jeopardize their future.  However, the discovery of intent of the individul in making the choice versus mistake or inadvertance could be the differentiating factor.  We use leading cutting-edge behavioral science to decode, measure, Read More

The Ebola Virus and Your Career

You are probbaly wondering what does Ebola have to do with your career, other than the fact that god forbid you somehow contracted the illness and had to be in quarentine, etc. etc.  No, that is not where we are going with this.  Although the Ebola virus in our eyes as human being and victims Read More

Fact check or Asiana Flight your way to write the Check

When under the gun, employees often face pressure to perform quickly and efficiently, but that isn’t always how it goes. Let’s turn to the USA Today article Asiana to sue S.F. TV Station over bogus pilot names as an example. Following the tragic crash of  Asiana Flight 214, KTVU News-station reported the names of the Read More

Motivational Speaker

What Type of Speaker is Dr. Namin There is a type of business speaker, that possess the best of all worlds, because they not only have the real world experience of business and speaking, but they have an audience-based  attitude which means they create their speaking agenda and style based on what they know works best. This type Read More

The WIN Strategy

What Does a WIN Strategy Entail? We provide intensive career development training along with ongoing advice on every aspect of the career planning process. Innovative Marketing Techniques and Lead Generation: In addition to all the standard search techniques, we advocate creative approaches to opening doors of opportunity. We have more than 30 strategies for generating Read More

Communication Training

Ready to make progress? Get started today! Communication Skills Training for Career Success In business, nothing is more powerful than effective communication skills… At the heart of Professional Development is communication.  Most communications we partake in are  reflexive — like breathing. We talk to our spouses, kids and friends without giving much thought to how we’re doing it.   Read More

Do or Die Employee Management?

  What Qualities Make a Company to be the Best to Work For? To be named “the Best Company to Work For” is a highly esteemed honor and it’s only achievable if employees vote on this distinction. To pick the 100 Best Companies, FORTUNE partners with the Great Place to Work Institute to conduct the Read More

Selling with the EI Edge

  There was once the old strategy of selling, which included acquiring a list of potential clients, setting up a meeting and divulging information until it got dark out.  As consumers became smarter and choices became more diverse, the old selling techniques are no loner relevant.  Consumers now have multiple choices when it comes to Read More