Leadership Deficits of Harvey Weinstein

Privacy is a concept very well confused in our culture today.  In an era where almost all of our electronic devices track our everyday move, our psychographics and socio-economic decisions give life to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to sell the next big thing, without our permission, and social media networks know where we go and Read More

Huricane Irma And Our Psychological Wellbeing

We all know that negative thoughts directly impact our happiness.  But did you know that negative thoughts are actually literally poisonous to our psychological and emotional health? Case in Point  Let’s imagine you are sitting in your family room after having watched the news on TV regarding the much anticipated hurricane Irma. You are by Read More

Life Coaching and Counseling for Life Skills

Counseling for Life Skills and Life Coaching Services   Our Counseling for Life Skills and Life Coaching  Welcome to the Center for Work Life.  It is very common to experience a muriad of emotions as you begin the process of putting together the pieces of your puzzle.   Take a moment and remember that since Read More

Executive Time Performance Management

Executive Time Performance Management The culture of quick riches, and success by how much you own and how many people you know, has given life to a “more is better” mentality. Movie such as Equilibrium, and Limitless have portrayed the transformation of the human capacity with “miracle” prescription drugs that allow one to do more Read More

Perfect Leadership Defined

  Fact:  The more successful you are, the greater your risk of developing blind spots. Why?  Because we all suffer from Hubris to some various degrees.  If you have ever attended one of our workshops on Emotional Intelligence, you have undoubtedly heard Dr. Namin speak on Hubris and how the greatest Achilles for most CEOs Read More

Escaping the Realms of La La Land

     Besides their good looks and the assortment of talents, what do Ryan Gosling, Woody Harrelson, Adam Levin, and Jim Caviezel have in common? Well, although La La Land, the 2016 motion picture starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone delighted many audiences and brought home Oscar Awards in six categories, in our trivia quiz, Read More

The Jennifer Lawrence Fall

Management Monday: Managing Mistakes Jennifer Lawrence has established a bit of a pattern. She has now fallen two years in a row at the Oscars (The Washington Post). At the recent Oscars (Oscars 2014) she tripped over a cone on the red carpet and at the 2013 Oscars she tripped walking up the stairs to Read More

Leadership Qualities of Shirley Temple

Anyone can be a leader and the forms their impact may take can vary. Little Shirley Temple proved that at the bubbling young age of three when she began starring in Hollywood films. As a child star, she became a role model for optimism who impacted children and adults around the world. For her on-screen Read More

Executive Suicides Under Pressure

“Pressure pushing down on me, Pressing down on you.” You may recognize those lyrics from the famous Queen and David Bowie song called Under Pressure. No doubt, this song calls to mind the realization of stress and fear in life. Fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of rejection and more are landing people every Read More

The Silent Company of Lee Thompson Young

You’re at work and things are going well. But then an employee doesn’t show up. They completely miss the morning part of their shift without warning and can’t be reached by phone. After informing the police of the situation, the department receives a call. You’re informed that your employee has committed suicide. This was what Read More