Work and Live your Relationships as a Sponge

Evolution. What does it really mean? The first creature we would recognize as human called homo ergester first appeared in Africa two million years ago. Not long when compared to the Oldest species that inhabited earth over 600 million years ago. These species include sharks, ants, Jelly Fish and Sponges among others. The phrase survival Read More

Perfect Leadership Defined

  Fact:  The more successful you are, the greater your risk of developing blind spots. Why?  Because we all suffer from Hubris to some various degrees.  If you have ever attended one of our workshops on Emotional Intelligence, you have undoubtedly heard Dr. Namin speak on Hubris and how the greatest Achilles for most CEOs Read More

Escaping the Realms of La La Land

     Besides their good looks and the assortment of talents, what do Ryan Gosling, Woody Harrelson, Adam Levin, and Jim Caviezel have in common? Well, although La La Land, the 2016 motion picture starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone delighted many audiences and brought home Oscar Awards in six categories, in our trivia quiz, Read More

Super Bull Narcissim at Work and at Home

You have been waiting in line for a coffee and suddenly, you see a man coming aside you by the register telling the barista that his coffee is cold. Would you say this individual is narcissistic? You are driving in what seems to be moving traffic, and you notice in your rearview mirror a fast Read More

Spring Cleaning; Nip Conflict in the Bud!

With the New Year, comes the promise of new hope and new beginnings.  However, it could also mean repeating old habits and avoiding the same old patterns unforturnately.  How about a dose of spring cleaning before March comes around?  How about openning that old closet, and taking out the baggage that is taking unneccessary space Read More

About Emotional Intelligence

The Gold Standard in Emotional Intelligence Training At the heart of everything we do here in our practice at the Center for Work Life, is the Art and Science, as well as the application of Emotional Intelligence.   Our founder, a dual trained clinical and industrial/organizational psychologist, has completed years of doctoral and professional training Read More

Communication with the Goal of Conflict Resolution

Ready to make serious progress? Get started today! You already know that individuals with excellent interpersonal skills are the ones that rise to the top of their careers and live more fulfilling lives. Research has shown that neither intelligence, nor income, nor academic background has been linked directly to success.  In other words,  if you take two people with Read More

Our Process

Ready to make progress? Get started today! What We Do A psychologically healthy change and development process starts with a leadership culture that fosters employee effectiveness and well-being while enhancing organizational performance and productivity.   In today’s 24/7 culture, workplace pressures continue to mount. Productivity demands, information overload and increasing pressures to balance work and home lives can Read More

Talent Development

Ready to make progress? Get started today! Talent Development   As the global marketplace becomes more complex, so do the challenges organizations face. In order to achieve sustainable growth, organizations need to focus their efforts on key areas that will help them gain and maintain their competitive advantage. To help organizations ensure that they are meeting their business Read More

Emotional Intelligence Programs

Ready to make progress? Get started today! Emotional Intelligence Training with the Power of Bio-Metrics Technology Never before has there been a program in the world that enables you to tap in to your emotions in real time and help you train to be a better you.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  That meeting you have always dreaded but Read More