Huricane Irma And Our Psychological Wellbeing

We all know that negative thoughts directly impact our happiness.  But did you know that negative thoughts are actually literally poisonous to our psychological and emotional health? Case in Point  Let’s imagine you are sitting in your family room after having watched the news on TV regarding the much anticipated hurricane Irma. You are by Read More

Spoonful of Sugar Positive Thinking Tips

Maybe one of the most iconic characters in our media pop culture is Mary Poppins who is known for her positive thinking.  Her classic A Spoonful of Sugar song so accurately explains that “with every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” Of course we all love her spoonful of sugar Read More

The Role of Leadership in Enhancing Company Culture

Gallup’s recent announcement that employee engagement in the U.S. has risen up to 34% was seen as a sign of progress. But should we really settle for a situation where two-thirds of our workforce is still not fully engaged? The employees of an organization through their everyday actions and level of engagement affects the culture Read More

Perfect Leadership Defined

  Fact:  The more successful you are, the greater your risk of developing blind spots. Why?  Because we all suffer from Hubris to some various degrees.  If you have ever attended one of our workshops on Emotional Intelligence, you have undoubtedly heard Dr. Namin speak on Hubris and how the greatest Achilles for most CEOs Read More

About Emotional Intelligence

The Gold Standard in Emotional Intelligence Training At the heart of everything we do here in our practice at the Center for Work Life, is the Art and Science, as well as the application of Emotional Intelligence. Our founder, a dual trained clinical and industrial/organizational psychologist, has completed years of doctoral and professional training in Read More

Recent “The Voice” Headline and Context

A leading trend topic recently on Google was The Voice. Specifically, there have been many articles along the same line as this Fox News piece Adam Levine says “I hate this country” on The Voice. Sit and think a minute about how the article headline strikes you. Do you know who Adam Levine is? What Read More

Jedi Stress Relief

Be it in the form of endless paperwork, time sensitive projects or planning big events, we all have our share of stress. The difficulty is managing the stress. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but if we look around us we realize people deal with much more stress than our own on a daily basis. How do Read More

Communication Training

Ready to make progress? Get started today! Communication Skills Training for Career Success In business, nothing is more powerful than effective communication skills… At the heart of Professional Development is communication.  Most communications we partake in are  reflexive — like breathing. We talk to our spouses, kids and friends without giving much thought to how we’re doing it.   Read More

It’s not Bowser or Gun Control

American society has gone through devastating tragedies. Unfortunately violent shootings and crime seem to be getting worse. Years of bickering between politicians and rights groups have led to only dancing around the problems. It seems given so many critical issues facing our society today, thoughts of urgent care are unrealistic. People argue that even if Read More