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Unleashing Your Potential

At Center for Work Life, we believe one way or another all of us yearn for peace.  Through peace, we are able to be at our best, and be our best for others.  Conflict takes away from that peace.  And of course whether with our own self, with family or significant others, with co-workers and supervisors, or with our job responsibilities or organizations, we all deal with stressors which put a havoc on our emotions and make us suffer from conflict one way or another.  Providing solutions for conflict is our expertise.   Life is too short to live with fear, worry, doubt and sadness.  Unlocking a person’s potential by removing the greatest obstacle in life called Conflict, is at the heart of our mission at Center for Work Life.

A global coaching and training organization, Center for Work Life Orlando FL was founded by Dr. Farnaz Namin, Ph.D. in 2007. Our programs were designed to offer everyone solutions to effectively manage conflict to avoid potential  vampires like divorce, employee turnover, loss in productivity and mental health disorder or even suicide. In learning about Center for Work Life, you will discover that no problem is too great and no solution is beyond our capabilities.

You were born to enjoy everyday of your life and to feel accomplished, why let potential conflict get in your way?  The difference between feeling bad vs. great is usually a small change in behavior.  What would be your potential only if you had the tools to recognize conflict before it rules your life?  We are here to bring you long-term happiness and success by providing you the tools for emotional freedom from Conflict.


Tools for Recognizing Conflict Before it Starts

In life, we go through a pantheon of behavioral habits to which none of us is immune. Our training process is a form of behavioral training. It is certainly not designed for “misfits.”  Successful individuals don’t embody too many failings. And that’s a good thing because we hone in on the task of achieving long-term positive change by focusing on the few.

Being the premier Training and Coaching firm in Orlando, Florida, the top performers we work with here at Center for Work Life are outstanding people. They come to us because despite their immense success, because they know conflict is not easy they don’t want it to grow and disable them.   By overcoming a small personal habits, or a faulty thinking process, we help you, pave the way to your highest potential.  Whether you are looking for conflict resolution for a specific dilemma, or want to prepare your organization to avoid the hazards of an unhealthy work environment, our programs provide results.

Creating Success Together

We don’t work with psychopaths, sociopaths, or jerks. Our clients are not different from the outstanding people that you are. They just don’t want to accept their flawed patterns, and have made a commitment to growth. The faults are simple to correct. The fix is in the skill set of every human being. Whether as a couple, within yourself, with your family members or your team and organization, often times, we don’t know what we don’t know.  Our emotionally intelligent process for conflict resolution helps you:

  • Recognize signs of conflict
  • Uncover others perceptions of you
  • Tackling the emotions and perceptions that create conflict
  • Break down walls of conflict before they are built



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Center for Work Life of Orlando, Florida is an award-winning executive development firm providing leadership and management training to executives and organizations. Our main services include executive coaching, leadership development, executive succession planning, emotional intelligence training, career planning, staff development, and communication in the workplace.

Needs and topics addressed within these categories include: management styles, situational leadership, developing leadership qualities, executive recruitment training, work life balance, emotional intelligence training,  work performance, stress management in the workplace, stress management activities, time management activities, team development, problem solving activities, management consulting training programs, professional communication, assertive communication coaching, interpersonal skills for top performers, effective communication styles,  communication techniques, public speaking skills, presentation skills, and conflict management strategies.

Effective Public Speakers can be difficult to find, but Center for Work Life has that covered too. As a leadership, communications, and change management speaker, Dr. Farnaz Namin- Hedayati of Center for Work Life raises the bar in interactive presentations. We can also help companies conduct organization research and run focus groups. 

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