Conflict Resolution with your PTSD Partner/Spouse

For someone who is suffering with PTSD, life is always on high gear. Unfortunately due to the trauma(s) experienced, no matter how long prior, their brain is simply overactive and on high alert, prone to anxiety, anger, depression and in a nutshell defensiveness. It is one thing for them to learn behavioral techniques to deal Read More

The Role of Leadership in Enhancing Company Culture

Gallup’s recent announcement that employee engagement in the U.S. has risen up to 34% was seen as a sign of progress. But should we really settle for a situation where two-thirds of our workforce is still not fully engaged? The employees of an organization through their everyday actions and level of engagement affects the culture Read More

4 Tips to De-Escalate Conflict at Your Workplace

Irrespective of how healthy your office is and how great an employer you are, you’re still likely to face the common workplace conflicts, which require being tackled head-on. That being said, everyone tends to handle their workplace conflicts differently. While some face it with high abrasiveness, others avoid a confrontation altogether. Regardless, here at Center Read More

Importance of Leadership Skills for Effective Project Management

A successful project manager is someone who practices effective management skills as well as strong leadership skills. That being said, leadership skills should not be confused with management skills. One can gain effective management skills through practice and experience. On the contrary, leadership skills are learned and developed. Responsible and effective leaders believe in developing Read More

Leadership of Narcissistic-codependent Human Capital

Recently, I was called by one of my CEO Coachees (we’ll call him Jeff) who was experiencing quite a lot of stress because his organization, AKA he was getting sued for unlawful termination. The short of the story was that apparently a very well liked employee was reported by her direct supervisor to be underperforming Read More

Measurement of workplace co-dependency in solving Low Employee Productivity

When we think about co-dependency, we often think about it in terms of family or social relationship dynamics. But you may be surprised to hear that workplace co-dependency is in fact a huge concern and a major topic of Human Capital Management studies for a few decades. Interestingly, there is research in support of the fact that in leader-follower Read More

Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons

Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons As a generation Xer, there used to be a time when as an elementary school girl, I walked 10 miles from home to school, in the busy streets of a major city, walked back home, stopped by on the way home, bought a snack from my favorite snack shop with Read More

Leadership Deficits of Harvey Weinstein

Privacy is a concept very well confused in our culture today.  In an era where almost all of our electronic devices track our everyday move, our psychographics and socio-economic decisions give life to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to sell the next big thing, without our permission, and social media networks know where we go and Read More

Hurricane Management and Leadership that Works

Hurricane Management and Leadership that Works Strong Leadership and Hurricanes are very similar in that they are both transformational, purposeful, and engaging. However, one way they are very different is that leadership cannot be a force that cannot be reasoned with, otherwise, it will have consequences one of which is follower attrition or turn-over.   Read More

Huricane Irma And Our Psychological Wellbeing

We all know that negative thoughts directly impact our happiness.  But did you know that negative thoughts are actually literally poisonous to our psychological and emotional health? Case in Point  Let’s imagine you are sitting in your family room after having watched the news on TV regarding the much anticipated hurricane Irma. You are by Read More