Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons

Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons As a generation Xer, there used to be a time when as an elementary school girl, I walked 10 miles from home to school, in the busy streets of a major city, walked back home, stopped by on the way home, bought a snack from my favorite snack shop with Read More

Huricane Irma And Our Psychological Wellbeing

We all know that negative thoughts directly impact our happiness.  But did you know that negative thoughts are actually literally poisonous to our psychological and emotional health? Case in Point  Let’s imagine you are sitting in your family room after having watched the news on TV regarding the much anticipated hurricane Irma. You are by Read More

Executive Time Performance Management

Executive Time Performance Management The culture of quick riches, and success by how much you own and how many people you know, has given life to a “more is better” mentality. Movie such as Equilibrium, and Limitless have portrayed the transformation of the human capacity with “miracle” prescription drugs that allow one to do more Read More

Career-Planning: How to Plan for the Interview Process

The unreliable economy and the changes in the job market have certainly impacted the hiring the process negatively. There are now more applicants applying for the same position and applicants are expanding their search to larger geographical distances. Needless to say, the hiring organizations are becoming more selective because they know there many more applicants Read More

The Raft Called the Career Change; Steps for Planning and Maneuvering the Waves

It’s summer and the glowing sun outside coupled with the ocean breeze remind me of renewal and introspection. Are you with me? New eating habits, a good workout regimen, and new favorite restaurant. New career may be? Many individuals I come in to contact with contemplate their career. They are satisfied with their existing role, Read More

Bye Bye Birdie

12 Resignation Pointers Is it time to relocate? Another organization has offered you your dream job or possibly perks your current job has been lacking. You may not have even been looking for an opportunity, but something amazing fell in your lap. Despite what brought you to this point, you’ve accepted a new position or Read More

The Next Oprah Winfrey

Though it isn’t immediately the first thought that surfaces when thinking of Oprah Winfrey, she is a very appropriate leader to emulate when it comes to personal and organizational goal alignment. As a woman who aimed to be a millionaire by age 32 and surpassed her aim, Oprah Winfrey can attest to the power of Read More

How to get Promoted

  Do’s and Don’t of Promotions I work with many individuals who are shakers and movers.  They have been with their organization for at least 10 years, have a strong sense of their job duties and requirements, and yet are passed during promotions.  They come to me, because they are tired of being the “door Read More

How to do the things you love

This Management Monday, let’s look at managing interests There is a lot more to finding happiness than earning a big paycheck. You may have noticed that some people seem extremely fulfilled in life while others seem unmotivated and down. Further investigation will show that a large majority of the time, happy individuals aren’t necessarily rich Read More

Want to be headhunted?

Imagine that it’s 4:30pm in the afternoon at the end of a busy work day. The phone rings and you answer to find out a headhunter is interested in recruiting you for a job. Maybe your job is a perfect fit, or maybe not. However, if this is a scenario that does entice you, then Read More