Conflict Resolution with your PTSD Partner/Spouse

For someone who is suffering with PTSD, life is always on high gear. Unfortunately due to the trauma(s) experienced, no matter how long prior, their brain is simply overactive and on high alert, prone to anxiety, anger, depression and in a nutshell defensiveness. It is one thing for them to learn behavioral techniques to deal Read More

Work and Live your Relationships as a Sponge

Evolution. What does it really mean? The first creature we would recognize as human called homo ergester first appeared in Africa two million years ago. Not long when compared to the Oldest species that inhabited earth over 600 million years ago. These species include sharks, ants, Jelly Fish and Sponges among others. The phrase survival Read More

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

     During the past few years, I have increasingly come across more and more individuals, both men and women who have expressed “boredom” with their relationships or worst yet, with their marriages. In the tradition of research, I sought to discover what were some of the reasons for the boredom and here is a Read More

Spring Cleaning; Nip Conflict in the Bud!

With the New Year, comes the promise of new hope and new beginnings.  However, it could also mean repeating old habits and avoiding the same old patterns unforturnately.  How about a dose of spring cleaning before March comes around?  How about openning that old closet, and taking out the baggage that is taking unneccessary space Read More

The Miss Bum Bum Bomb

Who doesn’t like movies like Grease, Terms of Endearement, Tootsie, Clueless, or Men in Black? In fact these movies were the highest grossing movies in their category and are still the most highly rated clips in the media. However, the truth is that all these movies have one fact in common. They all make sexual Read More

I Send You Sheep Among a Pack of Wolves

Office Politics is the inevitable. If you feel uneasy with resolving conflict or looking at it in the eye, you certainly have a hurdle to jump over. Whether you believe in reincarnation, god, or simply the psychology of fear and life, they all basically say the same thing: What you fear most, will ultimately be Read More

Lohan Persuasion

Persuasion can be the dreaded “sour milk” of a conflict resolution “party” or the crowd favorite “fruit punch.” Persuasion can easily sour or strengthen a communication process, based on the approach. Tasting effective persuasion is the result of following the recipe correctly. And when two sides disagree, it’s easy for flavors to clash. Whether it Read More

Mclachlan Conflict

Leave me be, I don’t want to argueI’d just get confused and I’d come all undoneIf I agree, well, it’s just to appease youCause I don’t remember what we’re fighting for Lyrics from Timeby: Sarah Mclachlan   Many times a dispute rages on long after both sides have forgotten the cause of the disagreement. But, Read More

Silence the Scandal

Sometimes the root of conflict resolution seems as elusive as the hit TV show Scandal. Scandal’s Olivia (played by Kerry Washington pictured to the right) is often shocked by the actions of others, for example when Fitz doesn’t treat her with respect. This kind of shock, frustration and confusion is no stranger in the face Read More

EI & Conflict Resolution: Persuasion George Washington Style

Persuasion is a key element of conflict resolution and negotiation. Being persuasive is also key to effective leadership. However, skills of persuasion don’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. With that in mind, below are some tips for persuasion. Tips for Persuasion: 1) Focus on emotional appeal2) Utilize the persuasion tools model3) Use emotional intelligence to Read More