Amazon Best-Seller Announcement: The Ocean’s Riddle

Dr. Farnaz Namin’s children’s book, The Ocean’s Riddle, recently became an Amazon Best-Seller. Center for Work Life happily extends congratulations!     The Ocean’s Riddle is a story that embodies some of Center for Work Life’s primary values. The book offers a great example of work life balance which can be seen in the mother’s Read More

Big Bad Wolf Care

Management Monday: Managing the Future of Organizational Healthcare It’s been abuzz for months and now the time has come for Obamacare to kick in. Despite difficulty to resolve conflict and the big bad wolf vibe of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), it may not be as bad as it’s been portrayed. Questions continue concerning the Affordable Read More

Government Shutdown on the Ant Hill

Like ants scattered and desperate in response to the disruption of their long-standing, carefully constructed ant hill, America and the world has already felt the impact of the government shutdown. It is terrible for the fragile economy. Businesses and individuals across the country are left asking: how will the shut-down effect all of us? It’s Read More