Leadership of Narcissistic-codependent Human Capital

Recently, I was called by one of my CEO Coachees (we’ll call him Jeff) who was experiencing quite a lot of stress because his organization, AKA he was getting sued for unlawful termination. The short of the story was that apparently a very well liked employee was reported by her direct supervisor to be underperforming Read More

Career-Planning: How to Plan for the Interview Process

The unreliable economy and the changes in the job market have certainly impacted the hiring the process negatively. There are now more applicants applying for the same position and applicants are expanding their search to larger geographical distances. Needless to say, the hiring organizations are becoming more selective because they know there many more applicants Read More

The Raft Called the Career Change; Steps for Planning and Maneuvering the Waves

It’s summer and the glowing sun outside coupled with the ocean breeze remind me of renewal and introspection. Are you with me? New eating habits, a good workout regimen, and new favorite restaurant. New career may be? Many individuals I come in to contact with contemplate their career. They are satisfied with their existing role, Read More

Why Your Company Needs To Hire Leaders

The value of good leaders within a company is sometimes underestimated. Leaders bring efforts together, magnify skills and improve the bottom-line. Here’s Why You Should Value Your Leaders: 1) They build morale2) They inspire confidence3) They establish a strong image4) They emphasize company mission5) They are vested in everyone’s success6) They innovate7) They align goals8) They Read More

Combating the Unemployment rate

The March 2013 unemployment numbers are in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they aren’t exactly cause for celebration. Having only dropped 0.1% to a national unemployment rate of 7.6%, employers and employees have reason for concern. Fortunately, companies are slowly hiring on new employees, though they seem to be hesitant. This is understandable as with Read More

Dig deeper to avoid CEO terminations

Senior level terminations have been on the rise. A recent Korn/Ferry international survey found that 48 percent of 262 participants were terminated from senior level positions within their first year on the job. Some CEO terminations seem to be tied to business and financial performance, such as Groupon’s recent firing of CEO, Andrew Mason. However Read More

Recruiting your knights

With the unemployment rate high, HireRight.com recently found that 34 percent of job seekers falsify information on their resumes to get ahead in the race for employment. That is just one problem hiring managers run into during the hiring process. Some businesses that have poorly screened employees have suffered much more than lack of productivity. Read More

“Get to the bottom of it” Interview Questions

It doesn’t always matter how many previous employers you’ve spoken with or how great a candidate’s resume looks. While those are important aspects of the hiring process, it is your one on one time with a potential hire that will really reveal if they are right for the position. During the hiring process, pay attention to body language and Read More

Considered Veterans Affairs

 President Obama’s State of the Union address brought with it so much to chew on. It was his mention of withdrawing 34,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan within the year that caught our attention. We began thinking about the challenges vets often face in returning home. Already there are issues for veterans trying to find employment. Read More

Hiring success avoids a work place mess

From considerations like office safety concerns spurred by events like the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre, to the Americans with Disabilities act, and the implemented changes post Fiscal Cliff in December of 2012, as was highlighted in our Expert Panel , the hiring process is evolving rapidly. Keeping up with the changes is crucial for all Read More