The Miss Bum Bum Bomb

Who doesn’t like movies like Grease, Terms of Endearement, Tootsie, Clueless, or Men in Black? In fact these movies were the highest grossing movies in their category and are still the most highly rated clips in the media. However, the truth is that all these movies have one fact in common. They all make sexual Read More

The Amazing Race for a Great Speaker

Management Monday: How to Manage the Speaker Hiring Process A great speaker should ignite in their audience a feeling like they’re on The Amazing Race. Their hearts should be pumping, eyes wide and spirits ready to tackle the challenge that’s been presented before them. Bringing in a speaker is a means to not only provide Read More

Hiring with Emotional Intelligence

Though the unemployment rate is holding near a five year low of 6.7%, Reuters reported job growth averaged about 195,000 per month in February and March (NBC). This is great news for organizations in need of more human capital and for job seekers. Or it’s bad news if companies aren’t strategic in their hiring procedures. Read More

The True Detective of Candidate Rejection

Management Monday: Managing Rejection Most Human Resources professionals know that no matter how poorly written a resume or how badly spoken a candidate, it is never appropriate during the employee selection process to treat a candidate with anything less than respect. Unfortunately, employers don’t always stick to that sensible rule when rejecting candidates. In fact, Read More

Can I Get a Big Mac With a Side of Succession Planning?

Management Monday: Managing Succession Planning McDonalds may not be the business to ask about healthy eating habits, but they do know something about succession planning. They have come to understand the costs and mayhem that are repercussions of losing key roles in the organization. It is thanks to their succession development process that the sudden Read More

“Ballmer Away Microsoft!”

What could be Microsoft’s biggest mistake when Steve Ballmer leaves in twelve months? Organizations are suffering due to high CEO turnovers. In fact, Chief Executive turnover hit a three-year high in July, as reported by The Hill. No company is immune, including Microsoft. The organization recently announced that Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer will retire Read More

MMM for the Millennial Revolution

Historically, insurrectionists have typically been greeted with hostility, and interestingly Millennials are often seen as insurrectionists in the workforce. However, a more appropriate description of Generation Y (Millennials) might be revolutionists. They certainly don’t have the intentions of tearing down greatness that has already been built; rather, they are progressive thinkers, looking to build on Read More

NLRB storming your day?

NLRB and Human Resources At best, Human Resources departments across the private sector have been struggling to stay afloat through recent NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) changes. New developments in the situation hardly promise an end to the hurricane, but if you’re caught in this mess, having an internal conflict resolution guide will be very Read More

Where are your “Royal Babies?”

The birth of Prince William and Kate’s baby has brought about many discussions on the topic of succession. Although, succession is something the British monarchy has down to an art, by contrast, most companies haven’t even wet the canvas.  This may be partially due to the fact that leaders unlike princes and princesses are not Read More

How to get Promoted

  Do’s and Don’t of Promotions I work with many individuals who are shakers and movers.  They have been with their organization for at least 10 years, have a strong sense of their job duties and requirements, and yet are passed during promotions.  They come to me, because they are tired of being the “door Read More