Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons

Texas Church Shooting Leadership Lessons As a generation Xer, there used to be a time when as an elementary school girl, I walked 10 miles from home to school, in the busy streets of a major city, walked back home, stopped by on the way home, bought a snack from my favorite snack shop with Read More

Huricane Irma And Our Psychological Wellbeing

We all know that negative thoughts directly impact our happiness.  But did you know that negative thoughts are actually literally poisonous to our psychological and emotional health? Case in Point  Let’s imagine you are sitting in your family room after having watched the news on TV regarding the much anticipated hurricane Irma. You are by Read More

The Trumped-up Story of Power

In a previous LinkedIn post, we had discussed that as a culture, we are apparently not the only people duped by narcissistic leaders. “While narcissists may look like good leaders, according to a new study by University of Amsterdam, they’re actually really bad at leading”. As published in the journal of Psychological Science, “because narcissistic individuals Read More

Work and Live your Relationships as a Sponge

Evolution. What does it really mean? The first creature we would recognize as human called homo ergester first appeared in Africa two million years ago. Not long when compared to the Oldest species that inhabited earth over 600 million years ago. These species include sharks, ants, Jelly Fish and Sponges among others. The phrase survival Read More

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

     During the past few years, I have increasingly come across more and more individuals, both men and women who have expressed “boredom” with their relationships or worst yet, with their marriages. In the tradition of research, I sought to discover what were some of the reasons for the boredom and here is a Read More

Wizardry or Simply Banking on Hope

The seven-book Harry Potter series, which recounts the early life of a downtrodden boy who finds out he’s a wizard, has sold more than 400 million copies worldwide.  Today, July 8th, JK Rowling published a new story called Pottermore, which although crashed the site, ignited the heartfelt love of the fans and drove them mad.  Not coincidently, Read More

How to Deal with People that have Low EI

No matter how resolute one becomes to strengthening their own emotional intelligence level, the fact remains that people around them aren’t necessarily emotionally intelligent. For that matter, even when aware of the emotional intelligence concept, people don’t always want to grow. That leaves an emotionally intelligent individual on an island in a low emotional intelligence Read More

Forget the Frying Pan: How Leaders Avoid Burnout

Management Monday: Avoiding Leadership Burnout Managers and leaders have opportunities to influence and inspire others around them, or to drag the atmosphere down. They have chances to positively influence the trajectory of their organization, or to set a tone that will lead to failure. It sounds like a lot of responsibility, which doesn’t make the Read More

Leadership Qualities of Jo Rowling

Jo Rowling (also known as J.K. Rowling) is the United Kingdom’s best-selling author and the creator of Harry Potter, which has become one of the most successful franchises in history. The 2008 Sunday Times Rich List estimated Rowling’s fortune at £560 million ($798 million). Forbes ranked Rowling as the forty-eighth most powerful celebrity of 2007, and TIME magazine named her as a runner-up for its 2007 Person of Read More

Leading with Confidence on Once Upon A Time

Management Monday: Managing and Leading with Confidence Emma Swan of the hit TV show Once Upon A Time finds herself thrust into a magical world and discovers she is supposed to be the savior who will lead people from another land to freedom and justice. She not only has a hard time accepting the responsibility expected of Read More