Employee Selection Tools Provides Solid Foundation For Texas Home builder

A prominent Texas home building firm was facing a potentially disastrous situation with high employee turnover in its sales division. The firm, which had enjoyed a comfortable position near the top of the home building food chain for some years, was even beginning to doubt its long-term survival prospects.

The high employee turnover rate in the sales division was resulting in rapidly declining sales during a robust housing market. Opportunities were abundant, but seemed far out of reach with its sales force in constant churn.

The problem lay in the selection of its sales employees. The unusually high turnover rate was not a result of the company’s inability to keep employees satisfied on the job, but rather a result of selecting the wrong employees to perform the job.

Simply put, they were doomed from the get-go. Fortunately for this firm, it discovered the power of the Success Profiling System at Center for Work Life’s disposal before it was too late. This firm learned that because every company has a different culture and rewards system, experience and success in a previous sales position was little guarantee of success in their organization.

Through consultations the home building company was able to establish which unique facets of the individual were key for success in that particular job and organization.

The firm was also able to develop more targeted interview questions aimed at determining a candidate’s ability to successfully perform the duties needed by the home builder. Armed with this valuable information, the firm was able to make much more informed and effective selection decisions.

The results were staggering. In less than one year the home builder was able to reduce turnover by 75%, providing a substantial cost savings to the firm. Even more incredibly, thanks to the reduced employee turnover and carefully selected salespeople, the firm saw a 50% increase in home sales.

This firm is no longer wondering if it will be around tomorrow, but rather is spending its time and efforts on capturing the many opportunities it sees present in the market today.

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