Leading with Confidence on Once Upon A Time

319px-Once_Upon_A_Time_logo.svgManagement Monday: Managing and Leading with Confidence

Emma Swan of the hit TV show Once Upon A Time finds herself thrust into a magical world and discovers she is supposed to be the savior who will lead people from another land to freedom and justice. She not only has a hard time accepting the responsibility expected of her, she also has difficulty finding confidence. But something amazing happens when Emma realizes the impact she can have on many people’s lives, which enables her to transition from this kind of thinking “I don’t want them to need me”  to this thinking “I’m going, and I’m not gonna fail.” Confidence portrays knowledge, vision and a plan for success, which people find motivational. This is why leaders must be confident. The trouble is that many leaders, like Emma Swan, struggle to gain confidence and show confidence. Developing confidence is a process and a mind-set, but allowing that confidence to show in a humble but meaningful way is another art. Below are some body language and behavioral tips that show confidence.

emma_swan_by_sgsanctuaryluvr-d4k7yes credit bubblenubbins    Tips to Show Confidence:

    1)      Make eye contact

    2)      Hold your head up

    3)      Straighten your posture

    4)      Talk less, listen more

    5)      Be purpose driven

    6)      Don’t fidget

    7)      Breathe deeply, be calm

    8)      Speak loudly and clearly

    9)      Keep a humble attitude


There are many people who want to be part of something meaningful and few leaders to bring them together. There are even fewer top performers who find a healthy balance of confidence, communication skills and stress management to truly make a long-lasting impact. Many times, the road to effective leadership is bumpy. Like in the case of Emma Swan, it takes practice, effort and persistence to make a difference. Fortunately, that means anyone is capable of becoming an effective leader, if they learn the ropes. And of course, the emotional and social rewards of leading the way are well worth the work.

In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. —Harry S. Truman



Photo Credit: Bubblenubbins


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