Margaret Thatcher Leadership Qualities to note

Every soul walks the earth leaving “footprints” wherever they go. These footprints include relationships formed, social and societal changes prompted, innovations encouraged or simply words uttered that inspired growth and positive change.

There are certain individuals, such as the late Margaret Thatcher, who manage to leave more than footprints. Leaders like Margaret Thatcher leave sturdy paths built on the foundations of determination and hard-work. These paths less traveled engrave a long lasting influence for others to embark on. Traveling down the roads of wisdom and change that Margaret Thatcher left behind, one might note her leadership abilities, which transformed society and the lives within it. As we go forward to build long- lasting roads, here are some qualities that are worth emulating in our lives.


(Photo Credit – Margaret Thatcher Foundation)


A Few Margaret Thatcher Leadership Qualities:

  1. Rooted Beliefs
    Margaret Thatcher’s upbringing taught her the importance of self-help, charitable work and personal authenticity. Through the course of her decisions over the years, she was able to lean on those values as a moral and foundational compass. Leaders who understand their core values find success more painlessly.
  2. Confidence
    Once rooted in beliefs and having developed informed opinions, leaders develop instinctual confidence, which transmits to others as transformational leadership. This was the case for Margaret Thatcher as described by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation “Unlike many Conservatives at that time, she had little difficulty getting a hearing from any audience and she spoke easily, with force and confidence, on issues that mattered to the voters.”
  3. Collaboration
    Leaders who think they’ve got all the answers cannot to be trusted. Fortunately, Margaret Thatcher knew the importance of listening to the opinions of others. “I love argument. I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me – that’s not their job” is perhaps one of her most memorable quotes. Every leader must understand this principle.  
  4. Resilience
    Every true leader needs to rise from the ashes in order to inspire hope for others. This kind of resilience is illustrated in Margaret’s well known words “The fact that we are gathered here, now — shocked but composed and determined – is a sign not only that this attack has failed but that all attempts to destroy democracy will fail.”


Generations to come will be analyzing and emulating many more lessons learned from Margaret Thatcher. As the world travels down the paths she built, they are extended by leaders carrying on and holding on to similar principals.