Emotional Intelligence Training

emotional intelligence training

Emotional Intelligence Training Programs Have Helped:

  • New ways to connect to your circle of influence
  • Partnering behaviors that can make or break your next move
  • Being authentic in leadership and support
  • Skills for the way you are perceived

Emotional Intelligence Services include:

Consultation – we have supported government agencies and private organizations with investigation services and security strategies with their clients. We have also coached and trained the internal staff.

Needs Analysis – This enables building on what your people’s competencies are, so you maximize your human capital

Personalized Design of EI Training Programs – Based on current learning styles and levels of EI, utilizing various modes of online, virtual, face-to-face or mixed

Strategic Implementation – the majority of training initiatives are short-lived.  By building excitement into competency building, we lead full engagement and improved performance

Delivery – hands-on learning sessions are a must.  According to research, this is the most remembered mode.   With safe simulations, roundtables, feedback videos, performance is built to last

Emotional Intelligence Assessment – Data for the outcomes of practice is the only way to see efficacy of learning and learning transfer.  So we emphasize this.

Evaluation – evidence-based success and the only way you can insure your return on investment

Bottom Line: Our topic centered emotional intelligence programs  are delivered on-site according to your staff’s needs. 

Emotional Intelligence Training Courses are ideal for:

  • Law Enforcement/security/terrorism
  • Business/Commerce/investment/insurance
  • Medicine/Psychiatry/health/sports
  • Mediation/negotiation/arbitration
  • Sales/Procurement/customer service
  • Recruitment/HR/coaching/education
  • Entertainment/media/performing arts

Offering on-site Emotional Intelligence Training leads to substantial cost savings compared to public/open courses because they are done in your training facilities; significantly reducing travel time and costs for your teams.

Are you the slightest bit curious to see how your Emotional Intelligence skills compare to other executives and leaders within your industry or profession?

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Emotional IQ or better said EQ is a measure of how you relate to yourself and others and it a great determinant of outcomes on your performance, leadership skills, and even earning potential.

Take the Emotional Intelligence Self-Test   
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Center for Work Life Emotional Intelligence Programs:

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

EQ Coaching for Performance

Work with an experienced coach who will provide the guidance, accountability, and support you need to make marked progress on increasing your emotional intelligence skills.

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EQ Leadership Coaching

Work with an experienced executive coach who will provide guidance, accountability, and the support you need to make marked progress on increasing your EQ and leadership skills.

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Take the Emotional Intelligence Self-Test



Here is a Quick and Easy EQ Self-Evaluation:

Unless you put yourself to the test, or hold yourself accountable, you will never know.  Most people don’t like to give negative feedback.  Want to gain a little insight, here is a short Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire:

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Center for Work Life of Orlando, Florida is an award-winning executive development firm providing leadership and management training to executives and organizations. Our main services include executive coaching, leadership development, executive succession planning, emotional intelligence training, career planning, staff development, and communication in the workplace.

Needs and topics addressed within these categories include: management styles, situational leadership, developing leadership qualities, executive recruitment training, work life balance, emotional intelligence training,  work performance, stress management in the workplace, stress management activities, time management activities, team development, problem solving activities, management consulting training programs, professional communication, assertive communication coaching, interpersonal skills for top performers, effective communication styles,  communication techniques, public speaking skills, presentation skills, and conflict management strategies.

Effective Public Speakers can be difficult to find, but Center for Work Life has that covered too. As a leadership, communications, and change management speaker, Dr. Farnaz Namin- Hedayati of Center for Work Life raises the bar in interactive presentations. We can also help companies conduct organization research and run focus groups.